Mad About Undead You


Carl S.
I attended Fordham University in NYC and started my journey. I went on to earn my Masters in Creative Writing from Stony Brook University, where I studied with National Book Critics Circle Award winner (for The Year of the French), Thomas Flanagan. More recently, I studied with (and owe  More...



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Cathren Whitney and Donovan Codell are twenty-something lovers whose relationship is on the rocks. When a zombie outbreak occurs (and we all know how that can put a wrench in a love affair), they must run for their lives. Along the way, the couple attempts to heal their broken connection, but before they can decide what's next for them, Cathren finds herself bitten by an enraged frozen head.


Hold on. Let's take a step back...
As it turns out, the zombie epidemic was caused by a chemical leakage into the aquifer from the local factory specializing in cryogenics (freezing and storing people after death, typically just the head). The cryogenics firm was able to reanimate some heads. Unfortunately, they are not happy about being brought back from the beyond, and have the disposition of rabid dogs.
The head dropped out of the scientist's hands and plopped onto the floor. The thing skidded across the lab and spun to a stop at the feet of a terrified Cathren Whitney. She screamed again. The head lay there, looking up at her, snarling, drooling, foaming at the mouth, eyes wild. Then, it bit her.
After the bite from the frozen head, and in combination with her unique DNA, Cathren morphs into a half-zombie. Burkhart Egesa, a diabolical but well-intentioned fiend, has decided the only way to end the zombie breakout is to dissect Cathren--alive! 
'I must have living organs,' Egesa said. 'The heart still beating, the lungs still breathing. Don't worry, she won't feel a thing. She can't move; she can't awaken. She couldn't sense pain even if I did this crudely. But I'm an expert. A man of science.' With that, he switched on the tiny buzz saw and slowly lowered it towards Cathren's chest.
Somehow, Cathren and Donovan escape to Alcatraz, their new home. Unfortunately, the island is overrun by zombies, too, and they must flee again. They are chased by zombie Native Americans, hired goons, mobs of zombies and survivalists--even zombie sharks! Cathren and Donovan survive and paddle to Treasure Island, but the island's been overrun by zombie librarians! The young couple are captured again and face certain death. Zombies pound at the door, the mob of the undead crushing against the metal doors, forcing them open. 
With an agonized screech, one hinge burst off the left door, allowing the first monster to surge into the room. The stench of rotting flesh wafted in, and most everyone present gagged. The creature stood there, panting, eyeing the group. Then it attacked.
Can San Francisco be saved? Can love conquer the undead? Will Cathren and Donovan find freedom, safety, and true love?
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