Sky (Book 1)

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Roy Palmer
Author and Alexander Technique Teacher

I am a teacher of The Alexander Technique and teach sports people how to move in a way that improves performance and reduces the risk of injury.

I've written three books to date on the subject of sports performance and 'The Zone' More...



"SKY is a sci-fi paranormal romance with a plot so extremely captivating, readers will find it difficult to put the book down." - Beach Bound Books

Teenager Tomas Moone thinks he may be losing his mind. For years, he has shared a secret, ethereal romance with a girl from his dreams he calls Sky. But Tomas is heart-broken when Sky suddenly disappears and Selene, a dark, mysterious woman appears in her place. Selene takes him to distant, alien worlds while he sleeps, promising power and immortality. But Tomas dearly misses Sky and he longs to see her again.

When Selene appears in physical form, revealing the secret of who she really is, Tomas is stunned. Suddenly, he has a new reason for living – to help Selene save the last of her race and find Sky, the girl of his dreams. But Tomas is unaware Selene has hidden plans for him – plans that threaten him, the girl he loves and everything he holds dear…

SKY is a thrilling story that will appeal to both young adult and new adult readers of fast-paced mystery novels.


In the timeless space between consciousness and sleep, Tomas Moone met the girl he would love for the rest of his short time on Earth. It happened during one of those perfect summer days you don’t want to end. He lay on the grass, gazing up at the sky, trying to look at those strange, squiggly things you get in your eye. But as soon as he caught a glimpse of one, it darted away. As Tomas drifted off to sleep, he saw her face and named her Sky. She seemed just as surprised as Tomas, but then the small, blonde girl with the pretty face smiled and disappeared.

You can follow the author on twitter @r_e_palmer, or visit his website at for updates on the sequel.