The Beauty (Angry Edenites)

The Beauty (Angry Edenites)

ABOUT David J. Rollins

David J. Rollins
David Rollins grew up as a shy, quiet son of two Methodist ministers in South Carolina and is now currently living in Georgia. He has been writing since Seventh Grade and is determined to keep doing so until his fingers fall off and his brain drips out through his nose.



There are many mysteries in the world. Most of them have been solved by the Sphere of Intelligence, a think tank of brilliant teenagers in the small town of Wonderville. In addition to solving the world’s more popular problems, they figured out how to teach ants to eat dirt and how to safely perforate one’s fingernails. They even discovered where the Garden of Eden was located.

Welt isn’t part of the Sphere of Intelligence. She has enough trouble solving her own problems, without having to worry about those of the rest of the world. One of her problems is finding a decent date, someone who will like her for who she wants to be and not who she really is. Another problem is her restrictive Christian mother who seems to think that all a child needs to have fun is some glitter and a couple Styrofoam balls. Perhaps Welt’s biggest problem is that she simply doesn’t feel like she belongs in Wonderville. When she finds out the think tank has a map to the Garden of Eden, she realizes then exactly where she needs to go.

The Sphere of Intelligence isn’t going to give up the map easily though. It is after all collectible. It is even signed and everything.

The Beauty is the second novella in the Angry Edenites series, which is about four people who go looking for the Garden of Eden. Luckily, they have a map.