The Brute (Angry Edenites)

The Brute (Angry Edenites)

ABOUT David J. Rollins

David J. Rollins
David Rollins grew up as a shy, quiet son of two Methodist ministers in South Carolina and is now currently living in Georgia. He has been writing since Seventh Grade and is determined to keep doing so until his fingers fall off and his brain drips out through his nose.



The Fourth Floor is a strange place. In the past, it was a normal floor four stories up in a small rundown apartment building in the little town of Wonderville. It had hallways and walls and doors and apartments. It looked very much like the third floor and the second floor below it. It wasn’t anything like the first floor though, which was in so much decay no one lived there except squatters and unsuccessful gangs. All that was a long time ago.

Sometime in the past, something changed. Addicts began moving into the apartments on the fourth floor, conducting their strange addict business and living their strange addict lives. And the floor itself began to change. It began to become a part of the addicts that lived there. Its walls and doors faded, and a strange new world emerged, a world designed by the crazed thoughts of its inhabitants.
Brood is the leader of one of those unsuccessful gangs on the first floor. They are so unsuccessful that they don’t even have a name and their greatest arch enemy is boredom. And boredom is currently winning. That is why they go venture into the Fourth Floor.

It will take all their cunning to survive. They will face their greatest fears and the greatest fears of others. They will find a way start a new religion and how to teach it to easily-distracted addicts. They will learn that starting a religion can lead to dangerous consequences. They will also learn that sometimes boredom can be a good thing, considering the alternative.

The Brute is the third novella in the Angry Edenites series, which is about four people who go looking for the Garden of Eden. Luckily, they have a map.