Mystery, Ink: Mystery Heir

Mystery & Thrillers

By Staci Troilo

Publisher : Goldminds Publishing, LLC

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Staci Troilo


Some towns aren’t meant to have their curses broken. Naomi and Penelope, the Dotson twins, don’t believe in curses, particularly when they involve entire towns rather than individuals, but apparently most of the residents of Centerville feel otherwise. The latest in a string of what the twins call horrific coincidences is the murder of Joe Harbaugh, town councilman and business paragon. On the heels of his death, a series of break-ins at local establishments occur. The police narrow down their suspect list to one of Harbaugh’s terminated employees, but the sisters aren’t convinced. Together, Naomi and Penelope start their own investigation and get tangled up in a web of lies, kidnapping, and attempted murder. Can the Dotson twins solve the mystery before someone else gets hurt?

The original title of this book was DADDY ISSUES. There are many strong undercurrents of Father/Child relationships in this book, and the dynamics of dysfunctional relationships, absentee fathers, and healthy paternal role models are all explored, shedding light on how those relationships might shape the adults that these kids grow into and influence the decisions they make.