Divine Fire: The Apothic Edition (The Apothic Man)

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers

By Katherine Nabity

Publisher : Entangled Continua Publishing

Divine Fire: The Apothic Edition (The Apothic Man)

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Katherine Nabity
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Genre: Retro-Punk Alternate-World Mystery

In the Radiant Agnosian Empire, emetanisms and apothic methods from outside are restricted. The culcursus of an apothynom and the implants of the Oinos are illegal. Apothos is a sacred act that comes from Agnos, their god, the sun.

In Florey, the banking capitol of the Radiant Agnosian Empire, there is unrest. Agnos is smiting the wicked with Divine Fire. Neltiar Silva, an apothynom from the Polities, and Marie Lemieux, a woman possessing a verboten Oinos implant, want to know why and how. As they dig deeper, they find out the real reason men are dying.

Weordan is a world with too much carbon and not enough oxygen. The people of Weordan have deep black skin to protect them from the unblocked ultraviolet radiation that emits from their star, Agnos. Their lives are devoid of breath and fire, and the chemistry of their glowing yellow blood drives their technology, which they call apothos.

Apothos is a personal technology practiced by apothynom, talented men and women who train to build their metabolic capacity and hone their skill at directing that energy in novel ways. They construct apothic machines called emetanisms, used as tools to enhance their personal apothic capacity and also to perform simple tasks in place of apothic effort.

Divine Fire is the second book in the Apothic Man series.

The Apothic Edition includes:
** Bonus short story "The Blunder Games"
** Glossary of terms
** Exclusive Map