Beyond the Veil - Omnibus Edition

ABOUT J. Michael Radcliffe

J. Michael Radcliffe
An avid reader of fantasy and science fiction novels all of my life, Michael Radcliffe published his first novel, The Guardian's Apprentice in 2010.  He lives with his family in rural Kentucky, along with their five cats. When not acquiring more ferocious felins for their plan of w More...



Beyond the Veil - Omnibus Edition, includes all of the novels and short stories from the series, as well as an extensive glossary with information about the characters, creatures, and places found in the stories.

Books 1-3:
The Guardian's Apprentice
Bloodstone - The Guardian's Curse
Rise of the Shadow

Short Stories 1-6:
Tears for Hesh
Scale of a Dragon
Inner Daemon
Legend of the Pumpkin King
Frostbite - The Dragon that Saved Christmas