The Crystal Trident, an Archer Adventure

The Crystal Trident, an Archer Adventure

ABOUT Katharine Giles

Katharine Giles
A lifelong adventurer inspired by reading adventure stories as a child and traveling America's highways with her parents. Through the years, she cultivated many interests and broadened her knowledge by constantly challenging her skills. Some of these endeavors included taking flying lesson More...



Book I of The Archer Adventure Series for Young Readers follows 14-year old Archer after he takes the family trimaran and runs away from home following the disappearance of his parents. The author skillfully surrounds the reader with the sights and sounds of Archer's world, a world filled with tragedy and hope and the rewards of perseverance. Archer's adventures begin when a massive wave crashes down on his sailboat and carries him through a portal into the parallel world of the immortals. He wakes up with a mermaid at his side and a collar around his neck that lets him talk with his thoughts and live beneath the sea. When the mermaid asks his name he can't remember who he is or where he's from. He learns he's arrived at the underwater settlement of Balycon and the Council needs his help. They ask him to find and return Balycon's crystal trident, stolen by the ruler of the frozen sea who took it away so he could freeze the settlement and become its ruler. When Archer asks why they would ask a kid to take on such an important task they tell him Chion took the trident to the island of Coriana and he's the only one in Balycon who can leave the water and travel across the land. After Archer agrees to help, he's provided an Ichonaut escort and soon discovers the collar does more than let him breathe and communicate underwater. The Ichonauts teach him the imaging skill and then show him how it lets him go anywhere in an instant if he's been there before. If he knew his name and where he lived, the skill would take him home. But when the Ichonauts tell him that he will lead them to Coriana, Archer realizes he's about to begin the adventure of his life. He can depend on an Ichonaut guide to get them to Coriana but he'll need to use his imaging skill to keep them safe from danger. After Archer saves them from the deadly stinger fish and keeps them safe from a threatening storm, he finds his most difficult challenge when he's told about an obstacle that can stop them from reaching Coriana. If he can't find a way to use his imaging skill to get them through the dark maze of the Sea Dragon Caves they won't reach the island and Balycon will be lost.