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Brandy Truly
About Brandy          I have wanted to be an author since I was fifteen years old and grateful to have accomplished this dream. I have three wonderful children and a husband who defines the person I am today. I work as an Ultrasound technologist in Sugarland, Texas and enjoy this  More...



Is it more than déjà vu? With the Romeland family it may be destined to be true. Syira and Shiray Romeland are sister in laws who live three hundred million light years away in the Sonar galaxy. Kadan is their home planet its atmosphere and environment is very similar to Earth. The Kadanans are at war with their enemy and neighboring planet Polaris and they are losing the battle. They must travel to Earth to obtain the resources which could give them a fighting chance to turn the battle around. Their mission to Earth is compromised and they find themselves with no former memory of their home planet. They have been stranded on Earth and going through everyday life in high school. Troubled by their unknown past and the strange dreams that start to unfold, their world turns into complete chaos. Syira and her brothers Bryan and Nile wonder, is it more than a dream or is it déjà vu. Shiray is frantic when she is the first to find out about their true destiny and that the love of her life no longer remembers who she is. She must find a way to restore her family before all is lost and they are stranded on Earth permanently. What would you do if you had amnesia and fell in love, only to learn upon regaining your memory, that you are already married? Find out in the Electric thriller Sonar The Crashing