Noticing Jamilla: A Tale of Andor

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M. K. Theodoratus
Got involved with fantasy when comics escorled my imagination. Then, the Oz series by L. Frank Baum, reinforced my retreat into imaginary worlds. While I sometimes read science fictions, I mostly gravitate to fantasy and the paranormal, especially if there's an intriguing mystery involved. More...


Cassy Mae thought she left danger behind when she moved from the Santos Francisco slums to live in a small mountain town with her grandmother, only to learn her GrammyJo worked magic which her mother had feared and hated. Docket's Diggings at first seemed a paradise -- until the strange, but rich, Lydia Markhem and her niece, Jamilla, moved to town, spreading a strange malaise around them. Cassy Mae spends her senior year trying to avoid her grandmother's magic and becoming Jamilla's special companion.

One day while petting Wiggles, the lap cat, I wondered if there could be vampires that didn't do blood. The Markhems appeared in my mind. I realized that Cassy Mae belonged in my "There Be Demons" world because those demons suck human life force, aka energy when a scene popped into my head where Cassy slammed her coffee cup in front of Britt's nose and told her to stop staring at the demons.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Noticing Jamilla March 23, 2014
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This book is not what I was expecting at all. Thinking back, I can't recall exactly what I WAS expecting anymore! I think what I actually got was so great that it overshadowed all other expectations.
"Noticing Jamilla" was flawlessly written. The characters were very well developed and fleshed out for such a short story.

Cassy Mae goes to live with her GrammyJo after her mom dies. She doesn't believe in the "bad juju" her granny vehemently warns her about and actually thinks she is completely off her rocker.

Then, she notices Jamilla...


Review by: L. Collins on March 09, 2014 : starstarstarstarstar
An Intriguing Read!

"Noticing Jamilla: A Tale of Andor" is the kind of novel that sucks you into it within just a few pages, weaving a captivating tale of teen drama, magic juju, emotional upheaval and intrigue. M. K. Theodoratus takes the reader on an engaging ride, drawing you into the world of Cassy Mae and her move to Docket's Diggings and all of the weird, strange happenings that come with it.

The novel is well-written with a sharp, lush tone and vivid imagery that perfectly paints each scene with a fine tipped brush. The book uses strong dialogue and authentic characters to draw the plot along, adding layer after layer to the story and bringing this uniquely enjoyable tale to life. The author does a wonderful job of taking Cassy, Jamilla, GrammyJo and Lydia Markhem on a truly entertaining ride... adding in excitement, emotional drama, suspense, magic and the supernatural to create an exceptionally enjoyable read.

Overall, I had a great time reading this and would certainly recommend it to other readers. It was well-written, intriguing and well worth the read.
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Review by: Ana Cristina on March 06, 2014 : starstarstarstarstar
I love fantasy books and this is fantasy at its best! The book was so interesting, I simply couldn't put it down and ended up reading it in one go. Different twists and turns are making it that much enjoyable. I really got tied to the characters and I have a quiet wish that the author will follow up with a sequel! 5 Stars