Cluck The Undercover Chicken

Middle Grade, Humor, Children's Books

By G. Eric Francis

Publisher : Amazon/Createspace

ABOUT G. Eric Francis

G. Eric Francis
I was born and raised in NYC in the late 1960's.  As far back as 8 years old, I loved to write stories that would come to me anytime, anywhere, and I wanted to share them with anyone I could.  My dream was twofold; I either wanted to write movies, or make a living writing books.  I went More...


Here is a book both kids 8-13 years old...and maybe some adults will enjoy.

"Cluck The Undercover Chicken" is the story of Cluck, an undercover agent whose skills are only surpassed by his massive ego.  Working to protect the citizens of EggEarth, he spends his time fighting the bad well as arguing with "ST" (short for Story Teller), the actual writer and narrator of the book.  

The catch is...only Cluck can hear him.  

When a crazed hen called The Fan (known because she has a hand fan with her at all times that is much more dangerous than it looks) wants to take over the planet because she feels that hens don't get a fair shake from roosters, it's up to Cluck to toss a feather in her plans...if his ego doesn't get the best of him first.

Written in a way unlike most children's and middle grade books, "Cluck" is a read that is quick, funny, and enjoyable.

The characters of this book is based on bedtimes stories i told my oldest son, Jared, between the ages of 7 and 10. They made him laugh, and he begged me to tell them all the time. My wife for the past 2 years kept telling me, "You have to make this a book." I finally relented, and now I feel is one of the best things I've written.