From the Depths of Red Bluff

From the Depths of Red Bluff

ABOUT Wynne Huddleston

Wynne Huddleston
Bio: Wynne Huddleston is a writer and teacher with a Master of Music Education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. A member of the Mississippi Poetry Society and a board member of the Mississippi Writers Guild, Ms. Huddleston’s poetry has been, or will be published in Po More...



Mississippi Poetry Society’s 2014 Poet of the Year, Wynne Huddleston, presents her first book of poems

From the Depths of Red Bluff will take you across the dirt road where muscadines grow, through childhood memories of grandparents and sweet, southern summers, then into a flood of loss and regret where the devil always gets his due. You’ll take your grandson’s tiny hand to cross a bridge of forgiveness and find the hope of spring in your granddaughter’s innocent face. You’ll sing the blues, get swept away by the Mississippi River into a vein that cuts deep into the heart of beautiful Red Bluff where all the blue, red, purple and golden moments magically come together in a rainbow of grace. This collection does more than scrape the surface; it’s bound to leave its mark on your heart.