Sufficient Ransom: A Novel

Mystery & Thrillers

By Sylvia Sarno

Publisher : Savvy Scribe Press

ABOUT Sylvia Sarno

Sylvia Sarno
My love of stories started when I was very young. Listening to my father's simplified version of Shakespeare at bedtime awakened my imagination. When I was six, I moved from suburban Boston to Italy with my family. Living in a two-bedroom apartment in the industrial city of Turin we didn't More...



Ever wonder what it feels like to have it all—family, career, health, money—and not be happy?

Ann Olson takes her life for granted until her young son, Travis, disappears from the backyard one evening. Searching for her son, Ann throws caution to the wind. Soon, she finds herself enmeshed in the seedy world of Mexican drug dealers who operate just across the border in Tijuana. Does Ann, an atheist, embrace Christianity despite her husband warning that her pastor friend is more interested in converting her than in finding Travis? Does she make it out of the drug tunnel alive, or is her rashness her downfall? And is Travis’s disappearance related to that of other recently missing children in San Diego? A story of a mother’s love, courage in the face of evil, and her unexpected journey of self-discovery along the way.

"The role of religion in tragic circumstances is given a well-crafted twist in this intriguing thriller." --ForeWord Clarion Reviews

"In Sufficient Ransom, a fast-paced novel of kidnapping, religion, and drugs, Sylvia Sarno reveals the lengths to which a mother is willing to go in order to find her child." --ForeWord Clarion Reviews