ABOUT Danielle Real

Danielle Real
Married mother of three youngs boys. I have been writing my entire life but decided to take advantage of the world of technology and publish my first ebook!



My name is Addison Walker.

(Remember the name. It’s going to become synonymous with disaster one day.)

I’m not sure what it is about me exactly that attracts disaster like a magnet. Maybe it's my inability to walk on my own two feet or the dozen of ladders I've inadvertently managed to walk under all these years. Whatever it is, my luck went from bad to deadly. And needless to say, I am not equipped to handle this kind of crisis!

Sadly I will admit that my life has always been a little bit boring, a whole lot of predictable, and inevitably filled with some random and completely avoidable mishap. But trust me, I would happily embrace my bad luck if it meant that someone would stop trying to shoot me!

In the span of forty eight hours, what was once a boring and unassuming life is suddenly out of control and I’m running from killers unknown. And to make it even worse, I have no idea why! What I do know is that my bad luck turned deadly when I met tall, dark and dangerously sexy Kade (Last Name Unknown).

Now I’m trying to avoid any additional head injuries while I dodge bullets, visit creepy abandoned houses, and oh yeah, avoid tripping over anymore dead bodies.

I would kill for a cup of coffee right now…and a bullet proof vest.