Prisoners (Brutal Worlds)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Cassandra Leuthold

Publisher : Green Hill Press

Prisoners (Brutal Worlds)

ABOUT Cassandra Leuthold

Cassandra Leuthold
Cassandra started creating outside-the-box, character-driven stories in second grade.  Over twenty years later, she continues to combine what most people think of as opposites: the magical and the everyday, the modern and the vintage, the darkest recesses of the mind and the greatest heig More...



The castle dungeon rarely holds prisoners anymore. This one keeps asking for Lord Phillip’s wife - by a name she hasn’t used in twenty years.


Risking her husband’s violent temper and his advisor’s spiteful scrutiny, Janessa descends into the cobwebbed darkness. The prisoner’s questions might prove treasonous, but Janessa’s answers could throw her into the worst danger of her life.


“Prisoners” is issue #1 in the Brutal Worlds series.