Amaryllis: Collected Poems

Amaryllis: Collected Poems

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Julia Tracey



Praise for Amaryllis: Collected Poems

“The Amaryllis flower is also known as ‘Naked Lady’ because it flowers alone, without leads, on a pair stock. There is no more appropriate name for this collection of poems. Taken together, they gently pushed aside the thin curtain of formality and reveal the strong backbone that supports the beautiful spectacle of a life that is but honestly lived. From love, lust and motherhood to transition, fear and loss, Amaryllis: Collected Poems is the story of the journey of one woman with nothing to hide.”
  --Erin Barrett, author, poet, syndicated columnist

“Julia Park Tracey’s Amaryllis is potent and true; clear, personal, risk-taking, breath-swiping, and above all, rewarding.”
  --Dan Brodnitz, poet and webmaster, The Richard Brautigan Poem of the Day