ABOUT Strachan Gordon

Strachan Gordon
North London Author. Promoting latest Novel A Buccaneer. An Adventure Romance set in the 17th Century in which an English Gentleman becomes a Pirate & a Buccaneer in the Caribbean.



 AN ADVENTURE STORY THAT APPEALS TO BOTH MEN AND WOMEN' A Buccaneer' is, set in the 17th century in England , Europe and America. It is a historical, romance adventure featuring Henry Pelham , a graduate of Caius College, Cambridge , who after experiencing lost love, survives the Great Plague of London of 1665 , and goes to France where he meets the beautiful, seductive Jacqueline and joins the Army of Louis XIV , he is challenged to a duel after which he escapes to Holland and takes ship to America. This ship is captured by the Buccaneers in the Atlantic and Pelham becomes part of the crew of the evil captain , Bartholomew Spence , by telling them the story of the so-called Invisible Ship  , a treasure ship which is secretly infected with Yellow Fever . The Buccaneers capture the ship , but die from the disease and Pelham escapes to Jamaica , where he becomes part of the buccaneer army and crew led by the notorious Henry Morgan , he becomes involved in the attack on Panama and finds treasure, new love in the shape of Dona Theresa and further adventures.

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