The Reality Master Vol 1


PM Pillon
I am┬áthe author of a series of scifi/fantasy novels with titles that begin with The Reality Master. Vol 2 adds Threat To The World to the title, Vol 3 adds Travel Beyond, Vol 4 adds Missions Through Time and Vol 5 adds The Return Home. HALF of each book can be read/downloaded at pmpillon More...



His celestial companion was waiting for him

Precariously climbing a sea-side cliff near Big Sur, ten-year-old Joey Blake was as yet unaware that near his grasp was an object, so odd, mysterious and alien to earth that it would change his life forever and the lives of countless others in the next few astonishing days. Reaching up as far as he could for a handhold it was just there; it had subconsciously lured him, occupied his mind, and made him find it. It was like he was meant to see and discover this object of unimaginable power ... the power to change reality.

Time travel and more
This young adult series of sci-fi fantasy novels begins with The Reality Master and continues through four other exciting and amazing stories about time travel and mysterious alien devices. Joey and the reader will face dangerous shadowy criminal organizations, agents of the NSA, bizarre travelers from other times and even renegade California bikers and scar-faced walking dead.

- Vol 1 The Reality Master
- Vol 2 Threat To The World
- Vol 3 Travel Beyond
- Vol 4 Missions Through Time
- Vol 5 The Return Home

Children who prove to be courageous and determined beyond their years.