15 Unrequited Odes: Prose by Brandon Gene Petit

ABOUT Brandon Gene Petit

Brandon Gene Petit
Brandon Gene Petit is an underground poet who writes about everything from past lives to romance, gothic to contemporary‚Ķ refusing to be bound to any one subject or mood. Already an artist, business owner, and the author of two poetry collections, he is continuously working on multiple  More...



A tribute to the elusive muse, 15 Unrequited Odes is a short digital volume that features 15 lovelorn pieces of poetic prose from the moonstruck mind of Brandon Gene Petit. This exclusive eBook contains some of the best, most wantonly romantic pieces from two of Petit's larger bodies of work, Dreams in the Womb & Ab Antiquo, Ab Aeterno. If you are a lover of poetic description but want something more to sink your teeth into than quick little rhymes, then sample these prose-poems with a heavy heart, a dreaming mind, and perhaps a glass of wine.