Dawn of the Shadowcasters: The Stevie Vegas Chronicles

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Maryann Weston
I have been writing all my life across many mediums and for many purposes. I've written for newspapers - features, news, legal stories - and I've written for government, niche magazines, websites and for social media campaigns. 



Only light can drive back the darkness. Only Stevie Vegas can stop the Shadowcasters. It’s been a year since the 13-year-old skateboarder found out he was an Illuminator with special powers – the ability to read minds and make things happen. Then, he was forced to use his new powers to fight the Shadowcasters. Now they’ve turned up in his hometown wanting revenge, and it will take all his skills as an Illuminator and the help of his friends to beat them again.

Dawn of the Shadowcasters is book 2 in the Stevie Vegas Chronicles trilogy. Stevie is the real hero of the book and we catch up with him one year later, after he battles the Shadowcasters. One year on, Stevie's trying to bury his Illuminator powers because he doesn't want to be different from other boys. He meets a girl Mary Lou who becomes his firm friend. Little does he know that she's the daughter of an Illuminator (lightbringer) and a Shadowcaster (demon). The nightmares start again though, and Stevie soon discovers the Shadowcasters have followed him to his hometown of Valley Dale and want revenge. There are plenty of twists and turns in this book and it's a page turner, like Shadowscape. Stevie has to face his nemesis, the rich and powerful Shadowcaster Chris Barron again and, as readers will find out, it's always darkest before the dawn.