Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance, Horror

By Samie Sands

Publisher : Triplicity Publishing

ABOUT Samie Sands

Samie Sands
Samie Sands is a 28 year old freelance graphic designer who has recently decided to follow her lifelong dream and use her creativity in a new way by writing. Lockdown is her debut published novel. She has had a number of short stories included in successful anthologies.



Leah's practical joke has spiraled way out of control. Now everyone seems convinced that the apocalypse is coming - in the form of zombies. The government is calling the virus AM13, and is advising – or more like forcing - everyone to stay indoors while they 'clean up the mess'.

Leah tries to persuade everyone that it was all just a horrible mistake, however she starts to see there may be more truth to it all than she first thought.

Lockdown is a zombie novel with a difference. Not only is it from the perspective of the typical girl-next-door, but it also combine gore with comedy in a unique and interesting way.

"When I sat down to read Lockdown, Samie Sands' debut novel, I expected it to be the usual fare: protagonist assembles a ragtag group of survivors to outwit the zombie apocalypse and score one for human kind. What I got was something surprising and more severe.

To say that Lockdown is different than a typical zombie apocalypse story doesn't quite give it enough credit, but to tell you what truly sets it apart would be giving away some of the surprises that at its core make it so enjoyable to read. Samie's approach to how the world ends is unique in my readings, and at the same time, undeniably human and real.

The story opens centering around Leah, a normal girl with normal problems. Her life doesn't stretch much farther than the streets of her neighborhood and, all told, we don't see much more than that by the end of the story either. It's a fascinating arc that manages to provide all the drama and strain of an undead contagion without overwhelming the reading by having to provide a global scale.

It's a fun read with frustratingly real characters - and I am happy to see that Samie has not only kept this universe alive in a sequel, but has a number of novellas involving new characters from the same struggling human race as well."
"What do you get when a reporter plays a practical joke? A Zombie story that leaves the audience feverishly turning pages. Leah, in a ploy to attract fellow co-worker, Jake, gets her boss embroiled in a Zombie apocalypse.

The heroine has us rooting for her from the beginning. The zombie apocalypse that she inadvertently exposed leads her to wanting to reconnect and protect her family. She, and two friends, defy the Lockdown to get to the ones they love.

Their journey leads them into the zombie infected world, where they must avoid being turned in order to fulfill their wishes.

Samie interjects humor, as well as fear and horror into the zombie invasion. As the book progresses, the story moves faster and the ending has an unexpected twist that leaves the reader wanting more.

The first person narration, from Leah’s point of view, puts a unique spin on the zombie world. A must read for all zombie fans."
"I have never been interested in zombies and doom this may surprise the younger crowd who are trending but Lockdown had my attention from the beginning. The story of a modern office girl with the details of modern life lulled me into identifying with the story. Eagerly, I followed the story line and was hooked. Leah is today’s modern girl with all of the problems. What started as a prank surprises even her.

Ms. Sands is prolific in her writing. She has all the skills of amazing talent. Samie also loves the zombie stories, I could tell. Knowledge of all
things “zombie” are enticing. I found myself believing that this tale was totally possible. So to all of the older generation, don’t discount the Zombie Craze. There is somthing worth reading."