The Eleventh Hour: Day Of Atonement Book II (The Eleventh Hour Trilogy)

The Eleventh Hour: Day Of Atonement  Book II (The Eleventh Hour Trilogy)

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Kathryn Dionne
Kathryn Dionne lives in Southern California with her husband, Jeff, and their two Shar Peis, Bogey and Gracie. From an early age, Kathryn's love of treasure hunting sparked an interest in archaeology. As an amateur archaeologist, she's been fortunate enough to uncover some very unique art More...



~Book 2 of The Eleventh Hour Trilogy, an amazon top seller~ The Eleventh Hour: Day Of Atonement

"...he who cometh next shall be the spirit and image of the Lamb of God."

The scroll forewarned David and Sophia about a cataclysmic event that would devastate mankind. So for thirty years they secretly prepared for what Jesus called The Day of Atonement. Now, as that day is upon them, they must do everything in their power to save the lives of seven very special men and get them to Old Beersheba before the Shift of the Ages can take place. But a weapon so evil, so insidious, yet so unassuming threatens their mission, their lives and the lives of all humanity. Who will get there first? The race is on!

The Eleventh Hour Trilogy 

Book I The Eleventh Hour: The Enlightened Ones 
Book II The Eleventh Hour: Day Of Atonement 
Book III The Eleventh Hour: Resurrection 

"The wild ride continues with Day of Atonement. I found myself riveted by the action sequences. The setup from book 1 leads to frenetic chase sequences, daring escapes, and blockbuster cat-and-mouse moments. There is some additional character development for Joshua and Iris, as well as insight into the motives of Sophia and David. This gives the non-stop action a good balance and carries the reader on a breathtaking adventure. Excited for the final book of the trilogy!"

By Eric Praschan

"I was looking forward to reading "Day of Atonement" and it certainly did not disappoint.
The characters and story line were well developed and some twists and turns added to the suspence. At the time of reading this, the third book was not yet available. I was left eagerly awaiting the final part of the trilogy. I can thoroughly recommend this book."

By Anya