The Apparition Saga

The Apparition Saga

ABOUT Dominic Bianco

Dominic Bianco


Eighteen year old Angelo Drake has always yearned for a different life, a better life. Being surrounded by greatness in the form of his family and friends leads Angelo to feel that he is merely and utterly average. But one fateful night, everything changes. Angelo must come to terms with the fact that he is now the one people look to, the one who is in charge of the safety of an entire city, a masked vigilante stalking the rooftops of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Apparition is a thrill ride for all ages. There's only one thing Angelo must ask himself...Does he have what it takes to 'be a hero.'


My book all began with a dream. I woke up and wanted to know how the average teen would react to being thrust into the role of a superhero. I began writing and couldn't stop.