Waiting for a Song, Naomi's Story (Stone Series)

ABOUT Mariam Kobras

Mariam Kobras
Winner of the 2012 Bronze and the 2013 Silver Independent Publisher's Book Awards for her Romance writing, Mariam was born in Frankfurt, Germany. She and her family lived in Brazil and Saudi Arabia before they decided to settle in Germany. She attended school there and studied American Lit More...



Naomi's life has been carefully planned from the day she was born. But Daddy's little princess has dreams of her own, and they don't include marrying the man he chose for her, or running the family business.

Everything seems to fall into place the moment she hears Jon's voice on the radio. Listening to him sing, and falling in love, are the same thing and it opens the door to a new life for her, far away from her father's scheming.

On the beaches of Los Angeles, Naomi finds a new life filled with love, music, and freedom.
A prequel to the Independent Publisher's Book Award winning series, The Stone Trilogy