A Love Story: Lydia & Jerome

Romance, General Fiction

By Olivia Williams-Ball

Publisher : O. Ball

ABOUT Olivia Williams-Ball

Olivia Williams-Ball
I live in California with my husband. I now enjoy writing, which is something fairly new in my life. I also enjoy reading, going to the movies, listening to music, taking walks and spending time with family. 



The quiet laid back single mother wanted more. She enjoyed the PTA meetings, the soccer games with her son, hanging out with her sisters and an occasional outing with her girlfriend. But the thirty-three year old African American nurse craved something she had never had before; a loving and long-lasting relationship with a man.

Lydia met Jerome, an educated white-collar worker with a body like a construction worker--a man with morals and beliefs so close to hers it seemed unbelievable.

After he holds her tightly in his muscular arms and takes her to heaven as they kiss, will fear of Jerome's past get in their way? Or has Lydia finally met the-one?

This story is about every woman's dream, since her childhood, of growing up and discovering her Prince Charming; that electrifying moment when your eyes connect and you instantaneously feel that he's The One. Nearly breathless, you're stunned as everything around you has suddenly vanished. You're totally consumed by the incredible magnetism between you and this person. Whether it happens instantaneously or it slowly develops from a friendship, like most people, I love romance, a good love story, and I believe that there's someone for everyone.