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Kate Wrath
Kate Wrath lives in the Southwestern US.  Much like other authors, she has both a family and a pet. [family= three crazy-but-lovable, exceedingly adorable people with longer eyelashes and better sense of humor than Kate] [pet= one lovable-but-crazy giant German Shepherd who pretends not t More...



Anarchy reigns in far-flung Outpost Three, where a nameless girl wakens, having lost everything that defines her-- home, family, memories. E is the story of her battle to survive, to find meaning in a gritty world full of darkness, and to hold on to the few beautiful things she has managed to scrape together. At once riveting and heart-breaking, E delivers an action-packed page-turning experience that flows with an undercurrent of dark poetry.

"I had so much work to do the day I was reading this, but I honestly ended up getting nothing done, because I got completely sucked into the world Wrath has created in this book." - Nicola S. Dorrington, author of Chasing Freedom and The Last Knight

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