Becoming Me: Reflection and Insight Through Poetry and Prose

ABOUT A. L. Hearn

A. L. Hearn
~~A. L. Hearn is a writer, poet, and budding therapist. Her newest venture, Dreamscribe Publications, LLC, publishes various literary works including novels, poetry, and inspirational non-fiction. Born in 1980, she is originally from Jackson, Mississippi. A. L. Hearn began writing poetry f More...



Becoming Me: Reflection and Insight Through Poetry and Prose is a book of 40 original works of poetry by writer, poet, and budding therapist A. L. Hearn. As she embarks on a new chapter in life, launching her career, and following her dreams as both a writer and therapist, she has merged both worlds into a body of work that blends personal growth, insight, and reflection. Within this book, A. L. Hearn shares her insight and emotions with readers through the poems which are creative pieces based on her perspectives. She is transparent and fully opens herself up to the readers in each piece. Each poem is indicative of a naïve yielding to the human experience through each line and verse. While evoking a sense of vulnerability by expressing her own personal experiences, the hope is that, through this book, readers will connect with each piece as they also reflect on their subjective experiences.
Through this project, A. L. Hearn emphasizes within the reflections, how important it is that the reader makes his or her own interpretations. By doing so, we can gain a fresh perspective on our varied degree of life circumstances. Furthermore, as we each share our experiences, we can learn and gain insight from each other. No matter whether the subject is love, self-awareness, consciousness, personal growth, spirituality, motherhood, or even expressions of honor to the ancestors, the poems in this book are quite telling through their descriptions of experience and are exemplary of life’s fullness and its opportunities for growth through ups and downs by way of in-depth reflection and insight. Each piece in Becoming Me: Reflection and Insight Through Poetry and Prose, lends an uplifting voice of understanding to readers. Anyone who is moved and inspired by works of poetry will definitely be moved and inspired through this body of work.