ABOUT Teresa Carlson

Teresa Carlson
Raised on a healthy diet of Star Wars, The Neverending Story, The Goonies and a dash of Blade Runner, the fascination with other worlds, high adventure, magic and friendship was deeply ingrained from early on.



Beware the place where soul meets sky, where furies lurk and brave men die...

There is a space that bridges the gap between this reality and the next, this place is the Snow. Legends of the Snow and the lost, twisted, creatures that dwell within it, are a well-known way to keep children in their beds at night. It’s a place Skyden Reagan never thought he had to worry about - not until he is chosen for a program that plans to send him right into its heart for the sake of scientific exploration.

If that were his only problem, he would be a happy kid, but, between shadow assassins, galactic upheaval, ancient prophecies, mind control, girls, and finding out he’s a son of Chaos…he’s got a little more to worry about then just surviving the torment of the Snow.