The Feasts, The Harvest and The Resurrection: This is the meat of the Holy Bible. The scriptures link these three very important aspects in God's ... being. Which resurrection will you have?

ABOUT Charles Sabo

Charles Sabo
~~The writing of this book was a work in progress from the Lord for several years.  As I committed my life to the Lord in 2007, I became one that was very determined to learn as much information as God was willing to share with me.  I found myself with an obsession to know as much truth  More...



The truth revealed in the Holy bible. There is a connection between The Feasts of the Lord, the harvests of Israel and the resurrection of life. The three topics are deeply incorporated with each other in the scriptures. God has a planned resurrection for each and every human being. Do you know which one you will have?

Introduction The writing of this book was a work in progress from the Lord for several years. As I committed my life to the Lord in 2007, I became one that was very determined to learn as much information as God was willing to share with me. I found myself with an obsession to know as much truth as I could find. I researched every day for 4-6 hours a day and even sometimes to exhaustion using the scriptures as well as the internet. I was shown truth about the occult that was so in trenched into our society. God showed me the prophecies that were coming to pass such as Psalm 2: 2“The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, 3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.” The meetings between the global elite in the G20 conferences confirmed that Psalm 2 was coming to pass. Knowing how evil the globalists were and how their agenda was bringing the antichrist kingdom very near, I knew that the rapture of the church was even nearer. God brought great fear in me at first to convict me of my sinful living. I knew I wanted to be in God’s kingdom and became obsessed with doing His will in everything that I could possibly learn. I started to read the Bible in fall of 2007 every day. I would research online about the scriptures and view videos constantly absorbing information. God was teaching me discernment as I saw truth and non-truth each day. I became very investigative and analytical. I learned about the occult, the cult religions and the apostate churches. I saw how evil the government of the United States had become as well as how evil the rest of the governments in the world. I knew that Satan was the ruler of this earth. I found myself in amazement on how “absolute evil” is in plain view and the world sees it as normal. I found out about the differences in Bible translations. I learned that the King James Version of the Bible is the true uncorrupted English translation that God had planned for the world to have in the last days before His second coming. I learned the history of the Revised Standard Versions of the English Bible translations and found they had been corrupted by the evil mystics out of Egypt of the first century who brought forth the Alexandrian text and then even later by Brooke Foss Westcott (1825-1901) John Anthony Hort (1828-1892) whom also were mystics. These corrupted texts are now being used by nearly every English translation of the Bible in the modern world except the 1611 King James Version. Satan was subtly attacking God’s word and the church was and is still today totally oblivious to it. I remained loyal to God’s Holy word and to His 1611 King James translation. I read the Holy Bible cover to cover six times in six years now (now on my seventh). In 2008, I started a channel and started preaching the gospel online and producing videos proclaiming God’s truth. As I was proclaiming God’s truth online, I found myself in heated discussions and arguments daily with others over the truth. I was doing research daily into His word above what my daily reading was accomplishing. I was learning and being sharpened by God in His word. I found myself being taught very complex doctrine in God’s word. It seems that it is the meat of the scriptures. Many Christians that I know or see online are just oblivious to what I am being shown. I show these things to them and they are amazed but carry on in their lives as if it didn’t matter that they were revealed a truth that they had not known. If I was shown something new, I would be thankful and then, like a Burien, would investigate it. In a previous church to which I had attended for four years, the pastor did not recognize me as someone who was being given great knowledge. After much frustration about not being respected for my learnedness, I prayed to the Lord as to what I was to do. I asked Him why has He been sharing these truths and not giving me the capacity to share these things. What was I supposed to do with this knowledge that He had given me? He did answer my prayer, almost immediately. He put into my heart to seek the respect the way the rest of the world receives it. Surely, nobody schooled by the Holy Spirit qualifies in this world as being knowledgeable. One has to be schooled by the world and acquire a college degree. The higher the degree the better. Then you have qualifications to teach God’s truth. To me, it seems so ridiculous, but so true. I had no desire to go back to school and even scorned it when somebody would suggest that I should. While praying, God surprised me and said that I should go and get the college degrees. And so, I started back to college in January of 2013. I had already achieved an A.A.S. in Business Management Technology from 1982. After transferring my classes from that degree, I found that I needed to go through spring of 2015 to achieve by B.S. in Religion from Liberty University Online. While taking these college courses, I had found my knowledge of the scriptures to be extremely advanced. I accomplished the Dean’s List every semester. I saw heretical teaching by some of the instructors as most secular colleges teach on the heresies of Augustine from the fourth century. Augustine was favored by the Papacy of Roman Catholics and declared a saint. Heresies such as the “sons of Seth” being the sons of God in Genesis 6 was brought to being favored doctrine even today. The heresy of dispensationalism, where sign miracles have ceased since the days of the apostles, is also brought in by Augustine. He also brought in the heresy that the demons in the New Testament were angels. I became concerned about what the world really needed to know. I found that the doctrine that I am to put forth in this book, is truly the meat of the Holy Bible. There are some that know and understand this and many that just don’t see it. I strongly feel that it is my loyalty to the true, uncorrupted translation of the King James Version of the Bible that has allowed me to pick up a deeper meaning of the scriptures that God has planned for mankind to know. God has revealed the truth of the scriptures to me and He has called upon me to write this book. The teachings of this book are very important for all to understand but not crucial to anyone’s salvation. I hope that all whom read will be blessed by this teaching of The Feasts, The Harvest and the Resurrection.