Night Chant

Night Chant

ABOUT Andrew Demcak

Andrew Demcak
ANDREW DEMCAK is an award-winning poet and novelist whose poems/books have been featured by The American Library Association, The Lambda Literary Foundation, The Best American Poetry, MiPOesias, Poets & Artists, and Pearl Magazine. His first novel, If There's a Heaven Above, was nomina More...



The terse, dark pieces in Andrew Demcak's fourth collection of poems occur under the cover of night.  Into a richly macabre cityscape, the voices in these poems expose their secrets, from the desire of unbearable addictions to the shocking violence of hate crimes.  In their spareness, with their array of surprising images, these poems are bold in their brevity. They converge into the urgent whispered voices we hear following us in the dark-our own voices and the voices of those like us.  They become night chants.