Smooth Intentions

Mystery & Thrillers

By Kimberly Stewart

Publisher : Bookstand Publishing

ABOUT Kimberly Stewart

kimberly stewart
Kimberly Stewart lives in Pittsville, Va. Kimberly Stewart has been writing since age 11. She has a husband and four beautiful kids. She feels god gave her gift to write and to share it with the whole world. Her first book Smooth Intentions is action pack novel full of action, drama and  More...



Smooth Intentions is an action packed novel about Monty and Kenny Clark, who are fighting for control of their father's billion dollar company. One brother goes to the mob for help and things begin to spiral out of control.But they are all in for a surprise, because Skylar, Monty's beautiful daughter and martial arts expert, has other plans.

I felt I had in my heart, to write a inspiring book to to share with the world. I love write and to make it amazing to thrill my readers with a book they will never forget.