Warrior's Quest: Book Two of the Warrior Series

ABOUT Connie Gnos

Connie Gnos
I have always loved Science Fiction books and movies and always wanted to try my hand at writing. Some of my other interests are cooking, photography, spending time with friends and family and of course reading. I'm originally from New York State and I have lived on the Nature Coast of Fl More...



What would you do if on a rescue mission you discovered a new powerful species?

Kadesoman is given command of Seeker, the newest ship in the Talag fleet. It’s an exploration ship, but its first mission is one of rescue not exploration. Searching for League ships that have mysteriously disappeared on routine missions, they are led into unexpected adventure and peril. But nothing prepares them for their confrontation with the New Makcara. Kadesoman’s twin sister Jade, has an explosive first meeting with the big muscular half-beast Makcara named Chain and nothing will be ever the same.