Unearthing (Mural Chronicles Book 2)

ABOUT J.S. Patterson

J.S. Patterson
J.S. Patterson obtained an out-of-the-ordinary array of experiences from travels around the world. Growing up in South Africa on a secluded plot, he and his family eventually made the averse decision to leave their home. The corrupted political powers and unsafe conditions forced the Patte More...



An unfortunate discovery quickly turns into an opportunity for the Canadian government to exploit a treaty with the First Nations of Canada for their rich oil resources - a smoldering conspiracy that's been brooding for over a decade now. Unaware of the corruption, Samantha and Deputy Scott Leraunt are plunged into the midst of an ancient evil of which mankind is the primordial enemy. Their travels lead them across Alberta and deep into the Northwest Territories, where they come face to face with a self-righteous Gwonchin. Action packed and filled with thrilling mystery, this is a great read for letting the imagination go.

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