I Believe

ABOUT Juan Bautista

Juan Bautista
Juan D Bautista is a christian evangelist who travels around the world teaching the world of God. He was raised in New York City where he attended school earning a BA in history education. Later he attended Atlantic Union College where he got a Masters in Bible Studies. He lives in Connett More...



I Believe will challenge your faith to become stronger by putting your trust in God, and by placing your faith in action. Whether you are preaching a message, going where the Lord Jesus may lead you, or simply taking care of someone else's needs, you will discover how Christ's redeeming love can change your life. His wonderful love and care will identify God's presence working in your life and in those around you. Today, the world appears to be running further and further away from God. People seem to have outgrown their belief in God. I Believe is Juan D. Bautista's personal testimony and an account of the life lessons he's learned over the years. He shares his dreamed revelations, answered prayers, blessings granted by strangers, and even his encounters with God Himself. By sharing his spiritual journey, he will help others to strengthen their faith in Christ and remind them of the imminent, chaotic end of this world as we know it. These stories are a constant reminder that Jesus will return very soon to take His followers to live with Him in the heavenly courts. In I Believe, the author explains that he wants to show the world that his God is not only all-powerful but that He is a living God who is willing to use His power on behalf of His children.