ABOUT Sandi Perry

Sandi Perry
I'm an avid reader and started writing novels several years ago. I like giving voice to strong, interesting characters and telling their story in a fun way.



Valentina Philips is a respected Decorative Arts curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She is also a thief. Growing up in Italy as the British ambassador's daughter, Valentina never felt she fit in. Her classmate, Luca, stepped in as a mentor introducing her to Florence's exquisite artwork and encouraging her to refine her artistic skills. He also taught her how to steal. As an expert forger, she replaces the masterpieces she steals with her spot-on reproductions. Her warring conscience ultimately wins over, and she sets about trying to legitimize her talent. If only it were that easy.
Luca appears at the Met as she's preparing their Fabergé egg collection for loan to the Bargello museum in Florence. Valentina knows his visit to New York can’t be a coincidence. Temptation plays many forms as Valentina relives the thrill of thieving, and Luca tries to charm her back into his bed. She has to decide which world suits her better, and how much she’s willing to sacrifice to make the right choice.

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