Die Liste: Revenge on the Black Sun (Amos Mead Adventure Series) (Volume 3)

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Tom Gauthier
Novelist and Playwright, Acting Coach/Director, World Traveler, Lecturer and Communications Consultant. Doctorate in Psychology, Masters in Business Administration - Add it all up over a forty year career and it produces some neat plots to develop for your entertainment!
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DIE LISTE: Revenge on the Black Sun is an action/adventure novel. Amos Mead, WWII OSS agent, is building a life after the war when an old comrade-in-arms shows up and pulls him into a secret project of the CIA. Mead finds himself once again in a dangerous game of international intrigue. During the war he sought enemy agents. Now he faces a serial assassin of Nazi war criminals brought to the United States by the government in an experiment gone wrong. Mead begins an international chase, with friends who may be foes, while back home his psychologist wife, Brigit, provides insights about clues, and her growing suspicions. It ends with an explosive twist in a faraway lair of Nazi history.