Penalties in the Locker Room (Delinquent Cheerleader Confessions)

ABOUT Christie St Claire

Christie St Claire
Christie St Claire isn’t her real name and these are more than just stories. You could say she uses the name Christie St Claire to protect the innocent, which isn’t to say she is innocent, quite the reverse. There has been a scandal at Fenton University that involved the Cheerleader Sq More...



The Cheerleaders of Fenton University have been bad and Christie St Claire didn’t care.

Rumors of the Cheerleader Squad of Fenton University being involved in a scandal with the Board of Trustees had been floating around for a while. Christie St Claire wasn’t even bothered, until she found herself in the cheerleader locker room late one night witnessing events that changed her mind.

You shouldn’t really read Christie St Claire’s stories. She is using them to expose the sordid sexual lives of the Fenton University Cheerleader Squad. The stories are personal accounts about the dirty little lives of cheerleaders. If a character is too familiar, then you might just know them. What you won’t know is what they do in secret, which is exactly what Christie St Claire is going to show you just as she found out late one night in the cheerleader locker room.


Delinquent Cheerleader Confessions contains explicit bitching about other cheerleaders and an awful lot of sex. All characters are 18 years old and doing things you shouldn’t do and definitely shouldn’t talk about. All situations are consensual acts of a whole lot of fun that they don’t want other people to know about.

Any resemblance to individuals living or dead is more than a little strange, but really, you shouldn’t take it too seriously. It’s just a story.

Approximate length: 4,000 words.

At first I didn’t see her. All I saw was the hour glass back of a woman over six feet tall in high heels. She was wearing the tightest corset I had ever seen. It was black leather with a shine of regular use and must have been made with iron rods. Her ass cheeks and shoulders puffed out heavily tanned skin at either end of the corset. It didn’t look like a fake tan; it looked like sunburn scorched into a violent tan. Her hair was a large weave of black cables twisted together like electrical wires. Her ass cheeks were held up by stocking attached to the bottom of her corset.

In her long gloved hands, the woman held a large wooden paddle. She shifted her weight, giving me her profile. She was in her forties with heavily applied make-up in dramatic reds and blacks as if she didn’t often use make-up. When I looked past her towards the benches I saw Brittany. She was dressed in a cheerleader’s outfit. It wasn’t her outfit. Well it might have been her outfit, but it wasn’t an outfit any squad would let their cheerleaders wear.

The tunic was barely holding her boobs. Even from the side I could see the pink and white material straining against her breasts, rounding them out and popping those nipples as hard as rocks. The skirt was the pleated style that you imagine cheerleaders wearing, but never actually wear. It was tightly secured around her waist and rolled up her back. Her bloomers were held firmly under her knees to reveal her naked ass.

Christie St Claire was in the gym late one night when she heard some strange sounds coming from the cheerleader locker room. When she went to investigate, she witnessed the delinquent behavior of the Fenton University Cheerleading Squad. Brittany is a member of the university cheerleading. Her squeals are one part delight two parts pain as a woman in a high gloss black corset and high heels swings a wooden paddle. Christie has her eyes opened about the delinquent behavior of the Fenton University Cheerleading Squad and the night was only just beginning.

A great erotic story. Well written with interesting characters. There was a good bit of BDSM, but it was well done. I am looking forward to reading more about the exploits of the naughty cheerleaders.