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Eddie de Jong
In my teenage years, I was an extreme introvert with no social skills whatsoever. My reality existed only in my head and, although I lived in an external world, it had very little impact on me. If I think back today, there is actually very little that I remember from my school days. At the More...



You can start learning how to use Excel immediately!

Millions of companies are using Excel. From simple budgets to advanced data analysis , and just about everything in between, Excel rises to the occasion and can provide a way to get the job done. Chances are that at least some part of your job involves using Excel.

Because Excel is used so widely and has been around for so long, people feel that everybody should know Excel. Companies seldom send their staff on courses, and, even if they do, chances are that by the time you need the knowledge, you have already forgotten what you were taught.

Do you feel or think the following?


  • I have never used a spreadsheet before.
  • I am using spreadsheets but don't really know what they can do.
  • I am using MS Word with tables and wonder if I should maybe change to Excel, but I don't see how this would help me.
  • I hate Excel - my company wants me to do all sorts of stuff in it - it takes hours and I battle.
  • I want to know more about Excel but don't want to look stupid by asking my friends.

If you could learn how to use Excel easily, you would see your productivity increase, feel good about doing your job efficiently, and could even look good in your boss' eyes.

Sure, you could go on a course, but think about this - how much of the learning that you have done on courses can you still apply?
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Win with Excel is a kindle (or paperback) book for beginners and dummies. It is written as a tutorial showing how to use Excel step by step. Even the most basic terminology and steps are shown, making is easy to get to grips with Excel fast.




  • No Excel experience required
  • Excel terms described
  • Practical, hands-on, and easy to use


This easy-to-follow book focuses on helping Excel beginners to use the program immediately, with minimum effort.

Step-by-step instructions are used to explain everything; from rows, columns, and cells to formulas, sorting, pivot tables and much, much more Win with Excel will alleviate the frustrations that come with using Excel for the first time!

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