Reporting Lives

General Fiction

By Debra Pickett

Publisher : Keith Publications

Reporting Lives

ABOUT Debra Pickett

Debra Pickett
Debra Pickett began her career as a management consultant and, after chronicling the ups and downs of her hard-charging, frequent-flying life in a nationally-recognized series of magazine articles, she made the switch to full-time work as a journalist in October, 2000. She wrote for the Ch More...



"Woven from the threads of her own life as a newswoman and a deep familiarity with Kenya, Debra Pickett's debut novel is the literary version of a carefully crafted Kente cloth. Nothing is predictable in this shrewdly plotted book about values, choices, Africa and America. Moreover, you will dawdle as you come to the last pages because you won't want to leave the side of Pickett's fascinating heroine."

-- Margo Howard, "Dear Margo" for Creators Syndicate