Fine Lines

Romance, General Fiction

By Sandra Hall

Publisher : Darkest Eye Productions

ABOUT Sandra Hall

Sandra Hall
I live and write in my home town in Missouri. I write paranormal, western, and adult contemporary novels, all have a touch of romance. I attended college at LeMoyneOwen College in Memphis, TN.



When there is pain, humiliation, domination and constant submission, what is a lonely woman to do after thirteen years of marriage? Her husband's answer is simple. Give in before you get hurt and enjoy the slow painful ride with him.

Eartha's life with Clint has descended into misery and loneliness, and then she meets Anthony. Anthony is a little younger and very single and makes it obvious he is interested in her knowing she is married. Even though her marriage is dying, Eartha still feels the bitter angry bonds of wedlock and somehow still hopes Clint will come back to his senses. After a couple of violent episodes, she has to admit Clint is too far into his sexual submission and domination lifestyle and she has to break free for her own peace of mind and safety. But Clint has his own ideas of how and when to let go.

Finally, Eartha is ready to start a new life on her own. Anthony shows her that on her own does not mean she has to be alone. After accepting his love, things began to take unexpected turns which lead Eartha to make even tougher choices than ever before because this time her heart is bound by love.