An Outlaw Returns (The Outlaw Series Book 3)

An Outlaw Returns (The Outlaw Series Book 3)

ABOUT Sandra Hall

Sandra Hall
I live and write in my home town in Missouri. I write paranormal, western, and adult contemporary novels, all have a touch of romance. I attended college at LeMoyneOwen College in Memphis, TN.



Welcome to Gingerville where there is hope and second chances.
Jenny Fuller, Caine’s sister who loved his worse enemy, Black Jack Cassidy is on the run with nowhere to hide or go except toward the last place she knew Jack was headed, Gingerville Montana. She arrives with Pinkertons and a US marshall on her trail. She discovers Caine is the town sheriff, married to a former outlaw who now teaches the local children. Jenny does not reveal the trouble in her life or the real reason she wants to settle in Gingerville.
The arrival of Jenny is unfortunate for Veronica. Since the birth of her son, Veronica has been plagued with vague memories of her life as a younger woman on Minerva Island, and then nightmares of her life as an outlaw before and after Dirty Dick Powell. Caine is well aware the past is tormenting his wife but is reluctant to make her face it or confess her secret life to him. He hopes time will heal her guilty heart. But secrets, like riders from the past, continue to emerge. Veronica makes a decision that she must go back and face the memories and her crimes against her husband’s wishes. What she discovers and confesses is the beginning of the drama and heartaches.
With the help of friends like Janis and Brad, Myrna and Alexander, plus Mark and his new love Molly, will life and times carry on lovingly for Veronica and Caine?