Two Dairy Goats' Journey

ABOUT K.P. Kollenborn

K.P. Kollenborn
I am fortunate to have been trained by one the top ten writing teachers in the US, the lateLeonard Bishop, and author of Dare to be a Great Writer. I owe my love of writing to him. How The Water Falls is my second novel. Although I’ve been writing since my childhood, I have a BA in h More...



A Reflective Pictorial Ballad
Sam and Cindy are on a wondrous journey to have some big questions answered in the small world they live in. They meet some interesting animals on the farm; some who are helpful and others who don’t have a care in the world. Mysterious stories about life on the farm may not provide the answers the dairy goats seek, but their endurance makes their quest worthy and inspiring. It is a philosophical journey that captures an awareness of our surroundings.