Pulled Away (Twisted Fate, #1.5)

ABOUT Sasha Leigh

Sasha Leigh
Sasha Leigh is a self-diagnosed dreamer. When she isn't stuck in worlds of her own making, listening to characters squabble for attention in her head, she's immersed in stories created by others. A lover of all things "weird", Sasha's world is considered complete when she has her More...


David Parson, torn between duty and love, returns to his true form as the Second Brother after being yanked from Alyssa's dream without being able to say goodbye. Unwilling to conform back into his role, all he can think about is returning to the girl who introduced him to a new world, and kept his heart when he left. But his efforts to reconnect with Alyssa do not go unnoticed, and the Second is demoted, becoming an instructor at Glory Academy, a school for a brand new breed of angels called Pure Souls.

And Alyssa is their leader.

When Lachesis reveals that there was a miscalculation in their plan, and that Alyssa is in danger, it's a race to find a way back to protect her. But the journey to a solution isn't easy, and not everyone who goes will come back intact.

Will the Second find a way to bring David back, or is his identity destined to remain in shadows?