Common Sense Guide to Grammar and Punctuation (Essential Writing Skills Series)

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David Bowman
David Bowman specializes in writing well. With over 20 years of editing experience, Mr. Bowman has a wealth of strategies and advice to help you communicate in writing, connect with your reader, and reach your goals.

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Your ideas are good. Your organization is fine. Your sentences are concise. Now, you need to make sure the grammar and punctuation are correct. Correct grammar and punctuation are critical for presenting your information clearly, formally, and professionally. If you use incorrect grammar and punctuation, your reader may not respect your ideas and may misunderstand your meaning. Fortunately, grammar and punctuation are not hard to learn. "Common Sense Guide to Grammar and Punctuation" presents the guidelines for correct grammar and punctuation simply and clearly, with lots of examples, instructions, and advice. Don't be confused any longer about grammar and punctuation. This book will show you how to use them correctly.