A Cold Death: An Aristotle Witzer Mystery

Mystery & Thrillers

By Michael Mandaville

Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing

ABOUT Michael Mandaville

Michael Mandaville
MICHAEL MANDAVILLE                           Michael Mandaville has worked for 25 years as a line producer, production manager and production supervisor. These films include “Taken”,  "Taken 2" and “Taken 3” written and produced by Luc Besson,  More...



In Paris, American film student Adele Longet is murdered. Aristotle Witzer, a Defense Analyst new to America's Paris embassy, gets a late night call to get a police report. Witzer is drawn into hutning for her killer, encountering film fanatics, Catacombs lovers and scum from France's Nazi past. In Paris Catacombs, underground rave parties blaze until dawn with ecstasy, sex and cinema as Witzer scrambles through this subterranean web - the haunt of French kings, the sanctuary for Resistance Fighters and the domain of partying 'Cataphiles'. Who murdered Adele? Unexposed French collaborators? Drug dealers? Criminal kingpins? He can trust no one. On a hot summer night, when a famed music festival shuts down the City of Light, he searches for a drug lab with answers to Adele's murder - and the clue to his own daughter's kidnaping - before he loses her to "A Cold Death".

Michael Mandaville is a filmmaker, media professional and World War II history fanatic. He has written the thriller "Stealing Thunder" and "Citizen Soldier Handbook:101 Ways For Every American To Fight Terrorism." He has a M.A. in Professional Writing from USC.


I have always been intrigued with the history of Paris and its language. I had read an article about a murderous French police chief of Bordeaux protected by the French government for his crimes. At that point, the plot web started to weave. I wondered about this criminal and how he escaped - and who might expose him to the public so he could get his just punishment.

"I took a chance on this one and was well-rewarded. Not your typical mystery, A Cold Death has a unique and inventive story, memorable and sympathetic characters, and very skillful dialogue.

I like my thrillers and mysteries with international locations, and Michael Mandaville plunges you deeply into a dark side of Paris you don't get in the travel books, and gives you a more intimate perspective of the city than even the Paris-based mysteries of Cara Black. I also like my thrillers and mysteries to be contemporary but with an historical backdrop or at least history and travelogue asides, and Mandaville serves those up too."

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