Sun Tzu and Naval Strategy (Second Edition,2014)

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By Gatot Soedarto

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Sun Tzu and Naval Strategy (Second Edition,2014)

ABOUT Gatot Soedarto

Gatot Soedarto
Capt (Ret) Gatot Soedarto, was born in Tuban, East Java, he graduated from The Indonesia Naval Academy. Former Chief of The Indonesia Coast Guard's Fleet, lecturer at The Indonesia Naval Academy, lecturer at The Indonesia Naval Staff and Command College, lecturer at The Indonesia Armed's  More...



What makes this book more interesting is that apart from description on the tactics and naval operation at sea, it also discusses various subjects that we might have forgotten for a long time in executing the management in dealing with the battle, such as the importance of team work cooperation and firmed and clear command, moral strength, discipline, leadership ethics and also quality of a certain decision as well as its momentum. Through this book, the writer has reminded and revitalized some important subjects that may not be neglected in battle management. ( Welcoming Speech of  the Chief Of Naval Staff Of the Indonesia Navy, Admiral Bernard Kent Sondakh ).

It was proven that Sun Tzu's Art of War was effective at the Maritime Strategy/Naval Strategy at the Pacific War, while in 1982 it was also effective as the biggest British Maritime Campaign since the World War II. Those two sea warfare have the principles and operations as taught by Sun Tzu.