Lessons of the Falklands War

Lessons of the Falklands War

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Gatot Soedarto
Capt (Ret) Gatot Soedarto, was born in Tuban, East Java, he graduated from The Indonesia Naval Academy. Former Chief of The Indonesia Coast Guard's Fleet, lecturer at The Indonesia Naval Academy, lecturer at The Indonesia Naval Staff and Command College, lecturer at The Indonesia Armed's  More...



This book constituting a review on the event of Falklands War in 1982, is trying to reveal the facts that the occurrence of such a war was caused by the political and military miscalculations. General Leopoldo Galtieri had a strategic assumption that he was so confident about, namely that the military force planned to seize Falklands would not make British mobilize its military power, but it would settle it down at the negotiation. And the quick response of British becomes the main factor determining its victory in Falklands.