Pen To Paper ~ Thoughts Unedited

Pen To Paper ~ Thoughts Unedited

ABOUT Kai Mann

Kai Mann
Kai Mann is the author of 30 Day Notice; a novel published under the Scriblical Vibez Publishing brand where she holds the title of owner and C.E.O.  Kai is also an independent contract writer for as Detroit’s Best Friend Examiner. As a contributor to the poetry community,  More...



Pen To Paper ~Thoughts Unedited, Kai Mann’s debut book of poetic thoughts evolving from the journaling through life’s dimensions. Kai travels from one realm of spiritual poetic thought to digging deeper through the maze of life. She writes about lessons learned and new ways of thinking to get to the next level. Explore with her as she navigates through life while seeking the Creator’s help to emerge from one expression of love to finding purpose, meaning, and the ultimate goal of destiny.