Vampires in Space (Elven Vampire Series Book 4)

ABOUT Jax E. Garson

Jax E. Garson
Writer of several books, Space Station Apocalypse, Double Eagle War, Fifth World, Dark Wine, Amongst the Shadows, Under the Graves, A Cursed Life, The Sin of Mediocrity, The Cold and Dark Places, Confessions of an Elven Vampire, The Scandal of Vampire Cults, A Vampire in an Elven Court, Va More...



Space is dangerous enough place without Vampires.

Garbazhio and his friend Scruta are imprisoned in an asylum. The Elvish Houses intend to rehabilitate their sinful Vampiric sides. After a month’s torture, their corrupt houses have sold them as slaves to mine silver on the cold side of Mercury. While transferred on a spaceship, the crew and staff had died from a disease, and subsequently Scruta and Garbazhio escape imprisonment.

After their emancipation, they discover fellow victims on the ship. Chorn is a family nemesis, angry at the family of Weists. His anger transfers to Garbazhio, the only Weist representative in earshot. Glasses is a goofy tailor with a single word vocabulary. Firryashis is a “big boned” Ogre with a fanaticism for Hawaiian shirts. Reese Icker is a quirky Griffin who dabbles in electronics.

Then there are the Maiden Sisters; three witches that conjure spells and prophecies for them all.

There are many obstacles to their freedom. Like Dwarf miners wanting to pirate their ship and goods. Jolly wants them as slaves in his Mercury mines. The noble houses want them disappeared forever so the Vampires would cause no more trouble on Earth. Martians want them all dead. The ship is a maze and puzzle for them to understand. None of these newly freed Vampires are space literate.

They must overcome these obstacles to free the slaves.

With Vampires in space, be afraid; be very afraid.

This book is intended for adults only: it contains violence, blood, language, sex, nudity and very adult situations.

Space just seemed like a natural place for Vampires. It's always cold and dark.