Tatya's Return (Samsara Trilogy Book 1)

ABOUT Teagan Kearney

Teagan Kearney
I was born in London of Irish parents, and I write paranormal, magic realism, commercial women's fiction, science-fiction, and fantasy stories. I released my debut novel in August, will shortly start work on the second book in a paranormal thriller/romance trilogy. I love travelling, and More...



Set in the mid-western town of Orleton, this paranormal romantic thriller charts an explosive struggle between power and love.

Vanse,a master vampire and the local supernatural head honcho, wants Tatya's love. Angelus, another powerful vampire, searches for Tatya seeking to use her powers for his own ends, and wants her surrender. But Tatya, a healer who possesses potent yet undeveloped talents, isn't interested in either of them. As Tatya's powers develop, events spiral out of control and her life begins to change in unforeseen ways. Forces beyond her understanding are in motion and whether she wants to or not, Tatya has a vital role to play.

'Tatya's Return' an action packed romantic thriller, is Book One in the Samsara Trilogy